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              We wish to welcome you to our treasure on the beautiful island of Montserrat.  We fell in love with the Villa on first sight back in early 2022 once Covid restrictions were lifted and we finally got to visit in person.  Montserrat is a small island that has a slogan which says it is "the Caribbean the way it used to be". 


                   Since residents number under 5,000 on the island, every one literally knows everyone which means there is no crime.  There are no mega chain resorts bringing in an endless stream of tourists.  You can pick from one of the many beaches and be fairly certain you will enjoy a quiet day under the sun.  If the Caribbean Sea is not for you, our very private pool with a view of the sea is a great alternative. At the very southern end of the island is the volcano that erupted 20 years ago. Well hidden behind another mountain range you can arrange a tour of the "exclusion zone" to experience a modern day Pompeii or never even know there was a volcano there.

          If you enjoy music history, George Martin ( the fifth Beatle) had his recording studio here which brought many musicians to the island, many of whom either still visit or own a home on the island.  For music nostalgia, have dinner at Olveston House which is owned by the Estate of George Martin.  Many photos taken by Linda McCarthy adore the walls. In our short time on the island we have met many interesting residents and visitors. 

       We hope you can come and explore the island and relax at our home.  I suggest you sit poolside at sunset!

Ed and Rea .       


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